United States

The Space

This studio was designed for Grammy Award winning record producer Gustavo Celis. This multi-platinum producer was looking for a modern space in which to carry out his production efforts, that embraced high performance monitoring and the ability to work in 5.1 surround applications.

The Vision

In this case space is at a premium. An acoustic topology was developed that would provide the acoustic performance required without having detrimental impact on the amount of space required to achieve it. Elements that would normally take up floor area were re-oriented in the space to function the same, however utilize room volume that would have no impact to user functionality. This also utilized in the control room treatment and was optimized for mid-field surround sound monitoring.

The Design

A combination of natural materials is used throughout. The space is devoid of artificial surfaces which tend to date facilities, in this case the finish apparent, is exactly what it is, there are no elements pretending to be something they are not. The departure point was to employ simple planes with subtle horizontal and vertical cues derived by the juxtaposition of surface finishes and lighting laminated with several layers of gypsum wall board, high density fiber board, and a constrained layer damping.

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