Songsbury Studios


The Space

When the multi-talented Mat Teofilo decided to build a new studio facility, Pilchner Schoustal was tasked with helping Mat realize his ambitions of having a fully capable technical space that nurtures the creative spirit. Mat started with a well-formed idea and was instrumental in curating every aspect of the finished space. At PSII we treasure clients who share our passion about studio spaces.

As a notable composer and performer, Mat wanted a studio that could function as a full live recording space as well as a composition suite. Mat’s system design is tailored to this flexibility and workflow making switching gears as needed by session demands and easy task.

The control utilizes our Controlled Reflection Geometry offering a smooth and stable response throughout the space. Low frequency damping in the room is accomplished with dedicated rear wall absorbers. The control room uses ATC main monitors and a Genelec 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos mix setup.

The studio features a high ceiling space great for acoustic instrument and choral performances. The studio has a dedicated isolation booth which maintains perfect sightlines to the studio and control room.
The ceiling in both the studio and control room features a unique extruded propylene material which, in conjunction with the assembly used, provides low frequency absorption and diffusion. The finishes throughout feature a monochromatic approach which becomes a blank canvas inside which the art of performance can thrive

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