Ubisoft New Motion Capture Stage

PSII was involved from the onset to help deliver a world class motion capture stage. Critical to the design was providing a high level of sound and vibration isolation and low background noise. This was no small feat given this new studio is built at the Toronto Ubisoft office directly adjacent to a main rail line. Great effort was made to float the studio and provide significant sound isolation in the studio and building envelope. Special mechanical equipment and detailed design minimizes vibration and air-flow noise to provide background noise levels suitable for ADR throughout the space.

The new studio is a purpose-built facility with 12,000 square feet, it features an expanded capture room: 30 ft ceilings, 20 ft scaffold towers, and three stunt beams to facilitate exciting stunts and wire work.

The performance capture volume is outfitted with 80 Vicon t-160 cameras, working in tandem with world-class motion capture and helmet-based animation capture systems. This set-up allows for the capture of subtle performances with extreme accuracy and will be used for everything from solo performances to multi-character scenes.

The new studio is also a professional sound stage ready to record high-fidelity audio. The facility is equipped to record game-quality audio simultaneous to motion-capture, virtually eliminating the need for Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR).

Features include:

  • 80 Vicon t-160 cameras
  • 30 ft ceilings
  • 20 ft scaffold towers
  • Three stunt beams to facilitate wire work and stunts
  • Full rapelling capabilities for filming blockbuster action sequences
  • World-class motion capture and helmet-based animation capture systems
  • Ability to record game-quality audio simultaneously with motion capture