Making Hits with Fernando Garibay

As part of a larger facility, we recently finished Studio C at the Garibay Center.  This studio is intended as the personal use production space of noted artist/producer Fernando Garibay.  Some of Fernando’s work includes Lady Gaga Fame Monster.  Fernando has a long track record of making hits being previously part of Jimmy Iovine’s team.

The studio features a custom designed large scale Augsperger monitoring system capable of extreme output levels.  This puts a huge demand on both room performance and sound isolation.

The room performance is accomplished with a sophisticated approach of targeted hybrid treatments.  These treatments include tuned diaphragms, tuned resonators and specular absorbers.  The net result is an even response and a remarkably uniform listening window.  All this acoustic wonder is hidden behind an unassuming and minimal décor.  The room literally becomes a white canvas in which Fernando exercises his creativity.

For the sound isolation, all aspects of the primary and secondary envelopes where specifically designed to vary across a wide range of material and assembly resonances to overlap and provide significant sound performance within a limited available thickness. Performance is conservatively rated at STC85.

Construction was meticulously carried out by our long-time friend Rob Rettberg, who did an amazing job of physically realizing the space.  Dave Malekpour was involved at the onset to design and build the custom speaker system for the space.