Designing a facility

When undertaking the complete design of a facility we typically go through a number of design sequences. These are important to develop a thoughtfully designed space and enable you to fully understand and visualize the work as it evolves.

Get Started

Programming entails developing a comprehensive description of the proposed facility. It identifies specific spaces, dimensions, finishes, equipment, budget, and special requirements. We use this document to establish the design parameters.

Design Begins
Schematic Design

Schematic design is the stage when sketches of various design ideas are created. We review these with you in detail and relate them back to the program requirements to ensure nothing has been overlooked. It is often at this stage that we build physical models or use computer rendering to explain to you how the spaces will work and feel.

Refine Design
Design Development

Once a schematic design has been adopted, then many refinements are undertaken to tailor the design more precisely to the program. Room finishes, materials, and methods are integrated to refine the work. At this stage we again work closely with you to ensure the project is evolving to your specific needs.

Technical Review

In conjunction with design development we conduct on-going technical review. Analyzing the specific design allows us to fine tune the technical aspects. It is common that computer modeling of room acoustics or physical model testing is carried out to predetermine performance characteristics. Any refinements required are adopted into the design development.

Project Details
Working Drawings

Once you are satisfied with the design development, we begin the preparation of the detailed working drawings and specifications. We pride ourselves on creating clear and concise construction documents that are pivotal in minimizing the typical “margin of error” experienced during construction.

Deliver Drawings
Review and Release

Before any documents are released by our office we check and review each component for completeness and accuracy. We have developed in-office document management systems to ensure we deliver only high quality work. We offer a highly detailed, and comprehensive approach to delivering construction services. Once design work has been completed we can undertake any or all of the construction work required. For Turnkey projects the following process would be adopted.

Calculated Decisions
Cost Analysis

The drawings are analyzed and broken down into detailed standard construction categories. Quantity take-offs are made and issued to all trade divisions. Based on the itemized take-offs a complete elemental cost breakdown is compiled. If revisions are necessary, materials and methods are adjusted accordingly to suit your project needs.

Build Begins
Construction Schedule

Once all the trades are in-place an overall project schedule is developed which details all aspects of how the work is orchestrated to meet the project deadlines. This schedule is updated weekly as the work progresses to determine if scheduling adjustments are necessary to keep on track.

Finished Space
Post Occupancy

Once the design has been realized, and your facility is occupied and in use, we conduct testing to verify the performance and check for deficiencies.  We also work closely with you to calibrate monitoring systems to ensure everything is operating to its peak potential.  We compile all the related data, supplier documents, warranties, etc. necessary for ongoing facilities management