Garibay Center

Los Angeles
United States

The Space

As part of a larger facility, we recently finished Studio C at the Garibay Center.  This studio is intended as the personal use production space of noted artist/producer Fernando Garibay.  Some of Fernando’s work includes Lady Gaga Fame Monster.  Fernando has a long track record of making hits being previously part of Jimmy Iovine’s team.

The studio features a custom designed large scale Augsperger monitoring system capable of extreme output levels.  This puts a huge demand on both room performance and sound isolation.

The room performance is accomplished with a sophisticated approach of targeted hybrid treatments.  These treatments include tuned diaphragms, tuned resonators and specular absorbers.  The net result is an even response and a remarkably uniform listening window.  All this acoustic wonder is hidden behind an unassuming and minimal décor.  The room literally becomes a white canvas in which Fernando exercises his creativity.

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