Joao Caravahlo Mastering


The Space

This mastering studio combines absolute state of the art acoustics with rich old world charm. The mastering room features and advanced application of controlled reflection geometry which incorporates two foot deep floor trapping, specific low frequency absorption modules, tightly controlled specular absorbers, and a wide variety of numerically sequenced sound diffusors.

The Design

The facility has garnered rave reviews for its sonic accuracy, and has been very successful since its opening. The design features a very spacious room with a symmetrical room geometry augmented by the additive acoustic elements. The mechanical systems are handled through special bulkhead which silence the airflow as well as provide acoustic advantages to the low frequency control in the space.

The room is appointed in wine colored velour and extensively trimmed in red mahogany. A mahogany coffered ceiling adds a richness to the space while offering good sound diffusion characteristics.

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