Anthem Sound Studios

United States

The perfect space for the creation of music.

Anthem was built with one idea in mind, focus on the creative. To realize this, it provides an inspiring studio environment, with excellent acoustics, and technology so well integrated it never gets in the way of the process.

The studio features a spacious control room, and adjacent studio proper for live instrument recording and a great piano. The facility makes use of large sound isolated exterior windows in both the control room and studio proper areas offering natural light and inspiring views. Warm neutral finishes and lighting give the space a calm relaxed vibe conducive to creative work. A large window intimately connects the spaces providing great sightlines and a strong working connection for performance and production.

A sophisticated networking scheme integrates 3 separate computer systems into a seamless workflow making this studio a music composition powerhouse. Technical power keeps everything clean.

This well isolated studio utilizes controlled reflection geometry acoustic to ensure smooth and uniform response throughout the listening area. Unwanted reflections are redirected or damped to provide monitoring conditions approaching perfection. The studio proper acoustic treatment combines specular absorption panels with strategic low frequency absorbers to yield a uniform sound decay perfect for acoustic instruments and vocal recordings.

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