Great Divide Studios

United States

The Space

This studio is built below grade and is carved out of granite, as the lower level of a private residence. The studio was nominated for a TEC Award in 2007.

The Vision

The studio features a main control room with a soffit mounted 5.1 ATC monitoring system. The main monitors operate without any added electronic correction yielding excellent response characteristics at the mix position for all channels. The control room also has a series of varying nearfield systems. Central is the control surface which is completed with a large custom furniture solution to the left and right which houses the wide variety of outboard gear. In-wall soffits below the rear channels house patching and other equipment.

The Design

The layout has the control room centrally located with a large isolation booth flanking the left side, and a large studio proper and far isolation booth flanking the right side. High ceilings in all of the spaces add to the sense of volume.

The finishes follow an arts and crafts vibe with warm neutral colors and natural finishes. The facility is highly sound isolated and is completely decoupled from the existing structure.

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