Focus Fox Theatre


The Space

This facility is a state of the art THX certified film mixing environment and color correction suite. Projection is via a Christie 2K or a Sony 4K projection system. The space features three main tiers. Level 1 incorporates a row fixed seating. Level 2 features the main audio mix level and larger comfortable client seating. Level 3 features the “filmlight” correction desk and supplemental client seating.

The Design

The building was constructed entirely below grade between two existing structures which house a Kodak film lab and the Focus Fox post production facilities. Both adjacent buildings where underpinned to accommodate the depth required to put this facility below grade. The parking lot now resides on the ceiling of this mix facility. The interior spaces are completely de-coupled from the structure and provide a high degree of sound isolation within.

The acoustic treatment features an elemental approach. The acoustic treatment in each area of the room is targeted with specific types of treatment. This treatment varies from linear absorption to control specular energy, to diaphragmatic modules to control low frequency decay time, plus a variety of combinations targeted to provide both in specific locations.

The finishes throughout render a uniform look, providing a clean rational aesthetic. Sound Diffusors are added to the side walls and ceilings finished in a warm natural tone. Wooden fins emphasize the horizontal and finish the front wall and curved platform faces.

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