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The Space

Pilchner Schoustal was called upon to design and realize a new creative and functional production environment for famed EDM artist Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5).  Joel having moved to his new estate in Campbellville required a new studio space to explore his music and media efforts. It was determined that the best space for the new studio would be the adaptive reuse of the former master bedroom wing of his residence.  This was a large space with high ceilings and the benefit of two attached spaces that are now repurposed as an isolation booth and dedicated machine room.  Also near this space is a large room (former ensuite) now used for equipment storage of his massive inventory of instruments, processing equipment and related devices.

The control room favours the length of the space and maintains the use of the existing windows to offer ambient indirect lighting as well as a centered front vista onto the property. To the rear of the space the room entrance is flanked by the isolation booth and machine room.

The Design

The room design is centered around the main monitoring system consisting of a stereo pair of flush mounted ATC 300  speakers.  The room boundaries are designed with controlled reflection geometry and also integrate a custom made racking system designed to accommodate the synthesizer collection with integrated cable management and power solution.   In addition to the main monitors, the room also incorporates a 5.1 and 7.1 mid field surround system as well as a fully calibrated 11.3 Dolby Atmos system.  The front and back ceiling of the control room include large low frequency absorption assemblies.  The rear wall feature two large window systems, one to the isolation booth and one to the machine room which offer a clear view to each space from the mix position.  The glazing system is angled vertically to redirect reflected energy into the rear ceiling trap as well as two rear floor traps finished with perforated stainless steel covers.

Another feature of the space is the large array of walnut ceiling fins which flow from the rear ceiling trap at an oblique angle acting as a diffusive element.  The ATC 25 ceiling speakers also required a custom ceiling bracket system to accommodate the weight of the speakers as well as to conform to the room context.

All studio spaces are built on dedicated floating floors and integrate a very extensive cable troughing system which physically connects every space in the studio including all side wall racking systems.  The cable management is easily accessed through numerous access points via removable lids trimmed in aluminum.  The rooms are built on the perimeter of the floating floors and as such are completely decoupled from the structure of the residence.  Dedicated mechanical systems condition the space as well as a dedicated technical power system.

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