Bryn Mawr
United States

The Space

This studio was developed for Chris Schwartz formerly of RUFFHOUSE records who was responsible for such artists as The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Wycleff Jean, etc.

The Vision

The studio is built in a 200 year old historically designated carriage house located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The carriage house was situated between two larger stone houses which now serve as record company offices. The control room is built in a small building attached to the carriage house. The design takes advantage of the existing adjacencies, and a large penetration was made between the buildings to allow the front of the control room to spill into the studio space.

The Design

The control room has a large mitered window that engages the studio, above which are soffit mounted Quested 212 monitors. The equipment includes an 80 input SSL J-series console and movable outboard racks that can be positioned in close proximity and on either side of the engineer. Natural light enters the control room through clear Plexiglas sound diffusers which line the rear wall above the rear seating arrangement. The studio proper is built within the context of the old carriage house and the existing structure is left to penetrate and exist in the finished space. There is juxtaposition in the design between the historic and modern elements. Finishes include black rubber, natural oak, and slate, and red velour fabric. An isolation booth is provided in one corner of the studio proper that is accessed through a series of sliding glass doors. Special mill work is placed into the design as accent pieces, functional storage, as well as sound diffusing elements.

Other Projects