Sony / ATV Publishing


The Space

SONY / ATV Publishing has realized a modern multi-room facility offering recording and composition spaces for their clients.  The facility The facility features a main control room / studio proper, and three other studios used for writing, editing and mixing music.  The facility is uniquely located in a downtown park setting, unlike typical commercial settings.

The Design

The 5.1 capable control rooms incorporate the PSI controlled reflection geometry design that yields a smooth flat response at the mix positions.  The finishes exploit a minimalist palette of natural finishes creating a clean and organic vibe throughout the spaces.  Acoustically each space has a linear and uniform decay time making the spaces suitable for a wide range of recording applications.  Acoustic treatments throughout are a combination of strategic specular absorbers, composite low-frequency trapping and diffusive elements.

The space was carefully crafted from the PSI design by Huanyu Acoustics our strategic partner in China.

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