Fresh Baked Goods


The Space

This studio is nestled in the beautiful setting of the Oak Ridges Morraine. It is built as the personal retreat studio for singer/songwriter Steven Page of the Bare Naked Ladies.

The Vision

The original concept was to integrate a modern studio environment into an existing barn structure on the property. When it was determined that the quality of the existing building would not serve the longer term needs of the project, a new contextual approach was developed. The new structure is similar in many respects to the original, with the exception that every part of the building system is maximized for performance and sustainability.
The main floor features a spacious control room, a small studio proper and a machine room. All spaces take full advantage of available vistas via large floor to ceiling glazing systems. The concept was to connect the interior and exterior spaces, to let qualities of the environment permeate the spaces.

A second floor is also provided in the building that offers a large lounge space, concealed kitchen and washroom. The second floor and first floor are separated by a modern concrete floor system to yield a high degree of sound isolation. The control room was designed for 5.1 surround sound capabilities and utilizes our proprietary “Controlled Reflection Geometry”. The studio has already been the home to several successful projects.

Other Projects