CBC Radio Canada Studio 12


The Space

This project involved the redesign of the existing control room facility at Radio Canada. The original room suffered from poor low frequency resolution with very pronounced modal resonances. Room shape, boundary treatment and door / window systems where contributing to the anomalies

The Vision

After initial testing was complete, the design called for the complete change of the rear of the control room, ceiling system and front wall assembly, which as selectively demolished. The length of the control room was increased and widened to provide space for dedicated low frequency damping. The front wall system was made much more rigid and redesigned for the ADAM monitoring system. The front glazing thickness was dramatically increased to eliminate the sympathetic resonance of the original window.

The Design

In addition the room was redesigned for a soffit mounted 5.1 main monitor system, which was a major upgrade for this original stereo room. New millwork was integrated as well as the new SSL C200 digital console. Machine soffits and rack areas had to be relocated to make way for the new control room footprint.

The acoustic treatment includes dedicated low frequency trapping on the rear wall, upper ceiling side walls above the rear channel speakers, as well as below the front window system. The soffit mounted speakers are fully baffled. All specular surfaces are treated with absorption and absorptive/diffusive elements. Working closely with the Radio Canada personnel, the final result yielded very smooth response from all speaker systems across the width of the console and front to back in the room.

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