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The Space

Pilchner Schoustal was selected to design the main film dubbing theatre for Jukasa Media Group in Caledonia.  The room features 6 luxury seats, and 15 standard seats for screening purposes.  Projection is provided by a Christie Digital 4K with an 18 foot wide screen (scope).   We worked with Dolby to integrate the new DOLBY ATMOS surround system into the space.  The Dolby Atmos system features an extensive array of surround speakers which encompass the audience area from all sides and above.  The speaker systems are designed in coordination with Meyer engineering, using Meyer EXP systems for the three main LCR channels, and thirty-six separate surround channels.  In addition to five front wall sub-woofers, two additional sub-woofer channels have been added to the rear corners of the theatre proper in accordance with the Atmos mix requirements.

The Design

The room is tiered to provide appropriate sight lines to the screen from any room position.  The console is a large Avid S6 multi operator format.

Room treatments feature scaled and strategically positioned diaphragmatic absorption modules that are integrated with the necessary specular absorption.  The various treatments are cleverly concealed within a simple modern motif.  For the room finishes we featured dark flat finish walnut and maple trim.

A very sophisticated surround sound cable management and mounting system has been developed for the walls and ceilings to allow for any type of adaptable surround configurations.

The seating areas are shown tiered, with the platform leading edges purposed as LF absorption resonators.  The room also features fully automated concealed light sources to offer striking task and low level ambient lighting possibilities.

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