Saint Claire

United States
Music, Select

The Space

Nestled in the rolling hills of Lexington, Kentucky, on a private 11 acre property, Saint Claire Recording Company overlooks the lush, tranquil countryside famous for its horse farms.

The property is completely enclosed, and upon approach access is gained through a secured motorized gate. A short distance up the drive, the building is approached offering ample parking for vehicles, and tour buses, all with easy access to the studio load-in area.

The Vision

The building itself, is divided into three main functional areas: The studio facilities, the main floor amenities, and the upper floor accommodations. The studio facilities are connected to the building via an entrance lounge which leads to the control room, and studio areas. This lounge has informal seating and is a place where you can step out of a session to take a call if necessary.

The control room is very large, and utilizes advanced controlled reflection geometry acoustics to optimize a generous sweet spot for stereo and 5.1 surround work. The space can easily accommodate many people without feeling crowded or affecting the ergonomics required to work efficiently. Large scale windows, with excellent sound isolation, visually couple the control room to isolation booths on the left and right, and the large studio proper directly in front of the control room. Windows in the rear of the control room also bring in natural daylight and offer views of the countryside, providing a sense of connection to the site. A custom built sofa well over 16 feet wide is positioned in the back of the room on a raised platform inviting people to sit down and relax in the warm and comfortable atmosphere.

The Design

Upon entering the studio proper, you are immediately struck by the scale of the room, and its soaring ceiling height. Acoustic treatments in this space optimize the decay characteristics for an even response without being overly dry. Drums literally explode in the space, without getting out of control, or affecting other instruments. The studio also features two more large isolation booths in each back corner flanking a 14′ high exterior window system which connects the studio space to the outside. Large floor to ceiling bass traps control low end and also house sound diffusors and equipment storage cabinets, keeping everything neat, tidy, and functional. Great care has been taken to ensure these spaces also achieve very low background noise characteristics, and as such are easily up to the most demanding tasks. The finishes throughout the studio facilities feature natural maple floors, rich red mahogany millwork, stainless steel details, and fabrics consisting of dark purple and rust colored velvet. This in combination with the paint colors creates a rich and subtle feeling that does not overly impose itself on the occupant, but rather sets a relaxed tone to the space, conducive to creative work.

Throughout the studio space you will find a large and varied collection of instruments, amplifiers, drum kits, and synthesizers, plus a piano, Rhodes, and B3, all of which is impressive to any one involved in music performance.

When you need a break from the session, the main floor amenities have a lot to offer. A large residential kitchen shares a common area with a dining room and a living room positioned around a fireplace, all of which look out of floor to ceiling glass to an exterior patio, and exterior fireplace. The space is generously furnished with authentic classic modern furniture that make it easy to relax and enjoy the comfort.

The building taken as a whole, is a very special. The variety of spaces, vibes and environments allow you to always find a spot to free your mind, and always feel relaxed. Once you are in the space, you don’t want to leave. Throughout the facility is the sense that every effort has been made to tailor to the needs of the user with the ultimate in comfort and creativity in mind.

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