The Space

Pilchner Schoustal was engaged by UBISOFT to work on the design of their motion capture studio in Toronto.  The project was a  challenge being located in an older re-purposed building that was directly adjacent to a main railroad line.  The rail traffic travels by the studio within 12 feet of its exterior wall.  The ambition was to have the background noise low enough to use the space as a big ADR studio, as well as have no vibration couple into the over 60 cameras used for the motion capture system.

The Design

Isolation systems were developed for the walls and ceiling that were consistent with the ambitions and budget for the project.  Redesign for the existing structural ceiling of the building was necessary to accommodate the new sound isolated ceiling as well as a stunt rigging required for the use of the space.  Mechanical systems were designed to provide cooling for the wide diversity of loads and maintain the desired background noise level.

The facility was completed in a tight timeline and was immediately put to the test with excellent results.

Learn more at Ubisoft.com.

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