Studio Baumhaus

United States
Music, Select
Skip Burrows

The Space

Located in Houston Texas, Baumhaus was created by a Texas based singer and composer. The words used from the beginning of this five-year project were “Modern Vintage”. This massive project required the finest talent from around the globe. The acoustic and architectural design was created by Martin Pilchner of Pilchner Schoustal International based in Toronto. Technical infrastructure was engineered by local designer Skip Burrows of Sunrise Recording Services. The studio built from the ground up features a large control room, large live room, three varied isolation booths, a large machine room and opulent client spaces.

The Vision

The client’s vision was instrumental in achieving the delicate balance between an open and functional space that combines a blend of classic and modern studio design. The centerpiece of the Baumhaus is a 48 channel Wunder console with both analog and digital recording integrated into a seamless environment utilizing the Endless Analog Clasp system.

The Design

The organic tree branch diffuser located on the rear wall is a very elaborate acoustic diffuser/LF trap conceived by Martin Pilchner. Days were taken painstakingly constructing this work of art in CAD to realize the unique vision of the client.  The large live room features variable acoustic elements that vary the decay time by well over a second. The Baumhaus represents what is actually possible when a visionary artist takes the time to create a classic recording space utilizing the very best of what modern design techniques allow. This studio is truly a work of art.

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