Stavenger Concert Hall


The Vision

Just as an instrument case is molded to the particular nuances of its instrument, this proposal for a new concert hall in Stavenger Norway is shaped by the inherent nuances of ‘the musical event’.

The Design

Four escalators rise from within a ‘crevice’ created between the two major event spaces: the Orchestra Auditorium and the Multi-purpose Auditorium. Foyer spaces swell from opposing sides of the auditoria taking advantage of spectacular views to the city and the harbour. The auditoria together with their respective foyers are the metaphorical “instruments” within the instrument case.

At the conclusion of each performance and while the audience makes their way home through ‘a music garden’, water tuned resonators drain into a reflecting pool and eventually back into Stavanger Harbour. The resonators are computer controlled to fill or drain as required to suit the specific acoustic requirements of the event.

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