Hapy Hipi Studios

King City

The Space

HAPY HIPI Studios is a new inspirational recording facility nestled in the rolling hills of King Township on a beautiful and private rural farm.  It shares its space with a remarkable collection of unique and high-end cars that heighten the atmosphere of this inspiring setting.

The Design

The studio features a Controlled Reflection Geometry control room designed by Pilchner Schoustal featuring large flush mounted Genelec 1034 main monitors, and a carefully restored Solid State Logic G-series console.  The studio has been painstakingly crafted by Renditions Design/Build with care and attention to detail that is second to none.

Ample outboard gear, extensive microphones and a compelling backline of instruments are an integral part of the HAPY HIPI experience.

The core of the facility is centered around the main 300 square foot Control Room that is adjacent to a 350 square foot Studio Proper, and flanked by a 40 square foot Isolation Booth.  The main garage, housing the car collection, can be leveraged as a massive recording space through a comprehensive tie-line system supporting all signal formats and video communication.

Learn more at hapyhipistudios.net

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