The Space

When Deluxe was required to relocate its entire operation to new facilities, Pilchner Schoustal was brought into the project to work with the Deluxe team to provide acoustic consultancy and design of the production spaces.  This work included Theatre 1, which is their large Dolby Atmos mix room, as well as theatres 2 through 5 as Dolby mix rooms, A digital intermediate suite, a screening theatre and an ADR studio.

The Vision

The project challenges included developing sound isolation systems that would function despite limited load capability in the new high rise location, and several difficult adjacencies.  The project schedule and budget were both also aggressive requiring a concise design response.

The Design

Rooms are set up as theatre style mix suites, with multi-level flooring and ample client space. Modulated side wall and ceiling treatments provide specular control as well as LF damping to yield smooth response characteristics within the spaces.

Theatre 1 is designed for all Dolby formats including Atmos, as well as IMAX format playback.

To accommodate theatre 1 and the digital intermediate suite the existing building had to literally have the roof raised.  A large portion of the building roof was reconstructed to provide over 25′ of ceiling height for the main theatres.

Pilchner Schoustal also worked closely with the design and base building architects Quadrangle on all other acoustic aspects of the project.

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