Deadmau5 Studio


The Space

This new recording studio / composition suite is for noted electronic music artist Deadmau5.  The facility is built into half of his double penthouse suite in Toronto.  Joel (Deadmau5) has a massive collection of electronic music instruments, synthesizers and effects, the idea was to create an ergonomic environment that would enable him to quickly re-purpose his equipment according to his production needs and provide a listening environment that is highly accurate.

Genelec 1035B monitors are used in the control room and soffit mounted into  a controlled reflection geometry shell.  Low frequency control in the room is provided by ceiling trapping, reactive rear corner traps, and a composite nested diaphragmatic absorption assembly on the rear wall.  Specular absorbers are used throughout to control unwanted early reflections.


The Design

Custom millwork was designed to accommodate Joel’s production needs.  This millwork provides work space for his control devices, mounts computer screens and houses his most used outboard gear, sound modules and effects.

The facility features the control room with large floor up window systems to the left and right, a studio floor to the left of the control room, a separate machine soffit, and a studio storage area.  Natural light is brought into the studio space via glazing of the end wall of the isolation booth.  Joel’s grand piano can be easily rolled into the studio from the lounge as required.

Being in a condo converted warehouse, sound isolation of the studio spaces was absolutely critical.  Each area in the studio environment is separately floated, with independent wall and ceiling assemblies that are dynamically separate from the existing structure.  The design cleverly works around many site constraints including many main electrical and fluid flow systems that are the back bone of the building.

The control room also features fixed and mobile cameras that Joel uses to live stream his ongoing production efforts.

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